Our vision is to create a green economy. We are committed to creating a clean energy platform through R&D, environmentally friendly power generation, environmental protection projects and targeted poverty alleviation.

Kaidi Eco owns world leading biomass power generation technology, scientific biomass fuel purchasing systems and abundant forestry reserves, making us a leading enterprise in the biomass energy industry.

Kaidi Eco is the listed subsidiary of Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, China’s largest private biomass power generating company; it sells electricity to the state grid.


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    36 Plants in operation

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    23 Years of Clean Energy Production

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    Total Capacity 1182MW

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    Average increase of 4,000RMB annually for a local farmer


Kaidi Eco’s biomass development model is the combination of economic, ecological and social benefits, to form a green, sustainable development.


Economics is an important part of sustainability, which is why Kaidi Eco operates Kaidi Capital and Hua-Kai Asset Management to ensure all the facets of creating a “green economy”, can be achieved.


Kaidi Eco uses agricultural waste and sustainably grown forestry reserves as feedstock for biomass power. Our technology minimizes pollutants and uses renewable sources, often waste from local farmers, for a greener future.


We purchase otherwise wasted feedstock from local farmers as well as provide jobs at our collection points, storage facilities and power plants, with the goal to alleviate poverty and protect the environment through industrial and economic development.

Competitive Advantages

Industry advantages

Kaidi Eco has 40 power plants in operation and 285 in construction over 22 provinces and autonomous regions. Kaidi is a clear first mover in the China biomass industry.

Technical advantages

Kaidi Eco operates 63% of our biomass power generation projects using our own independent research and development on our second generation technology boilers. Our boilers are at an international level and we have successfully developed third and forth generation boiler technology and we are continuously upgrading the capacities and technology.

Biomass feedstock storage and transportation

Kaidi Eco has established a “village-level acquisition” and “commercial customer acquisition” system. Kaidi Eco purchases local feedstock from farmers and business owners to reduce open burning and pollution from illegal fires.

Complete supply chain

Kaidi Eco encompasses the entire biomass generation business, from power plant project development, construction, production, operation, collection of feedstock to the support of local forestry reserves and land development, carbon trading and sustainable green economics.

Continuous industry development

The energy industry is always developing and Kaidi Eco is up there making the changes. Since Kaidi Eco was publicly listed, they have undergone two stages of business development to keep up with China’s demands for clean energy.

Capital management

Listed in the Shenzhen stock exchange, Kaidi Eco has accumulated a wealth of capital and experience in operation and investment management. Kaidi Eco is currently actively testing the green finance industry, to attract outstanding social capital. They have established funds to explore the green financial sector with a win-win development model. Kaidi Eco’s capital company is called Hua Kai Green Management.

Social Responsibility

Kaidi Ecological has established strategic partnership with the representative office of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China since 2013. The two sides have common vision and goal about supporting green energy, promoting sustainable development and targeted poverty alleviation, and have explored all-round cooperation modes and have adopted them in specific projects.