Internal training

Graduate training
In 2016 we recruited 534 graduates, training them in the summer to be ready to be Kaidi staff members by autumn

Social recruitment and training
2016 alone we held 7 training sessions, training 65 people. This included 28 power plant executives and 37 business executives

Power plant management training
Kaidi Eco partnered with Beijing Qin Management Consulting Co., to build a high-performance team specializing in training to promote the company’s first line of core management recruits to improve teamwork and performance among our team.

Biomass power plant operation simulation training
In 2016 a total of nine people underwent assessment and training from qualified coaches in power plant operation.

External training

Kaidi Eco has established a strategic partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in China since 2013. The two sides share a common vision and goal in supporting green energy, promoting sustainable development and improving poverty alleviation while exploring a full range of cooperation models and projects including training for local farmers.

Fuel acquisition point training

Kaidi Eco prioritizes the employment lower income nationals to become industrial worker in raw material acquisition. This involves collection, transportation, processing and management. Employees work under fair labor contracts and undergo training to master high operation and management standards in a modern factory environment.