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  • African Representatives Visit Kaidi Site
    2017-03-24 Uncategorized

    On May 20th 2016, over 30 development-oriented poverty alleviation policy and practice officials…

  • Kaidi Eco Joins the Anti-Poverty Battle
    2017-03-24 Uncategorized

    On April 16th 2016, Kaidi Eco and Jiangxi Federation of Industry & Commerce signed…

  • Leaders of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development Visited a Kaidi Site for Research and Guidance
    2017-03-24 Uncategorized

    During April 13-15th 2016, a team led by Li Chunguang, Head of the International Cooperation…

  • Chairman Yu Zhengsheng Recognition to Kaidi’s Poverty Alleviation Model
    2017-03-24 Uncategorized

    During the two sessions in 2016, Yu Zhengsheng, member of the Standing Committee …

  • Kaidi Brings Green Energy Abroad
    2017-02-09 Group News


  • Focus in Put on Both “Blood Transfusion” and “Blood Production” for Poverty Alleviation Through Industrial Development
    2016-08-17 Industry News


  • Conducting Strategic Environmental Assessment and Leading Green Development
    2016-08-17 Industry News


  • China Is Expected to Become the World’s Second Biggest Shale Gas Producer
    2016-08-17 Industry News


  • Biogas: Pillar of Developing the New Energy Industry
    2016-08-16 Industry News


  • NDRC: Power Generation With Clean Energy Is the Focus and Various Sides Have Made Great Efforts to Apply Clean Energy
    2016-08-16 Industry News


  • There Is Still a Strong Dispute Over Carbon Pricing and Regional Carbon Trading Markets May Be Formed
    2016-08-15 Industry News


  • Four Departments Have Issued a Document on Strengthening Industry-finance Integration So How Finance Can Support Transformation
    2016-08-10 Industry News


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