20 years of innovation means we now have the ability to generate power you can count on 24/7.

  • Biomass power generation has been Kaidi Eco’s focus since 2005. As of the end of 2015, we have a total of 36 biomass power plants in operation with a total installed capacity of 1,062MW. Our plants use a high temperature and ultra-high pressure circulating fluidized bed power generation technology (second-generation)

  • independently developed by us and is a world leader in boiler technology. We have successfully developed third-generation and fourth-generation biomass power generation technologies and currently developing our fifth-generation biomass power generation technology.


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    Power Plants

    40 power plants in continuous operation

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    23 years of clean energy production

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    A total installed capacity of 1182MW

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    Average increase of 4,000RMB annually for a local farmer


Kaidi’s Largest Eco Power Plant

Henan Blue Environmental Power Plant

The Henan blue power plant was constructed in 2014 with an annual power generation of 1.226 billion kwh, heating 453,000 tons and an annual operating income of 450 million, at full profit.

Kaidi’s Largest Biomass Power Plant

Hubei Chongyang County Kaidi Biomass Power Plant

Chongyang Kaidi Power Plant was built in March 2010 and on April 2, 2012 was officially used for commercial production, Sunshine Kaidi investmented in the construction of this plant and green biomass, with an overall capacity of 1 * 30MW. This biomass power plant from raw material to power generation, with a complete production line, is currently the largest biomass power plant in Hubei Province.

Kaidi Wind Power

Kaidi Eco operates a total of three wind powered power plants with a cumulative installed capacity of 194.5MV. At present, Kaidi operates wind powered plants in Pinglu, Yanchi and Fuxin.